The Johns Hopkins Research Symposium on

Engineering in Healthcare

"Engineering for an Aging Society"


The annual Johns Hopkins Research Symposium on Engineering in Healthcare brings together experts who advocate for leveraging new and emerging technologies to deliver better health care. We invite all Johns Hopkins faculty, researchers, students, staff and clinicians, as well as industry representatives, to join us at the symposium this fall.


“Engineering for an Aging Society”

The diverse and complex challenges and opportunities facing an aging population will grow substantially over the coming decades. Today, about one in every eight, or 13.1%, of the US population is an older adult (65+) . This population will nearly double to an estimated 88.5 million – over 20% of the population – by 2050.

Older adults prefer to “age-in-place” and remain in their own homes for as long as they are able. Physical, mental, and emotional health are key elements for maintaining quality of life and independence.

This year’s symposium will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by aging adults and their care networks as they seek to live independently while maintaining their physical, mental, and emotional health. The goal is to jumpstart a conversation to identify areas where systematic deployment of appropriately designed and targeted technologies that augment social, cognitive, and physical activities can “shift the curve” of age-related decline of life quality, support wellness, and reduce reliance on external support for older adults.


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November 19, 2018

Chevy Chase Auditorium

Johns Hopkins Medical Campus
Baltimore, MD

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