Ehsan Azimi

Assistant Research Professor, Computer Science

Assistant Research Professor, Department of Computer Science

Research Interests:

  • Mixed reality
  • Medical robotics

Ehsan Azimi is an assistant research professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University . He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. Ehsan is passionate about the applications of technology in healthcare and surgery. His research focuses on mixed reality and medical robotics. He was named a Siebel Scholar and was a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow prior to his appointment as a faculty member. He has developed novel display calibration methods and new user interaction modalities for head-mounted displays that improve surgical navigation and training of medical procedures. The work is covered in the Engineering Magazine as well as the other media. He also implemented techniques for robot-assisted cochlear implant placement, intraocular robotic snake, and needle steering.

Before joining Johns Hopkins, he worked at Harvard Medical School where he innovated a method that improves the resolution and dynamic range of a medical imaging system. He holds multiple patents and his work has led to over 20 peer-reviewed articles in journals and conferences. He was awarded the Link Fellowship. Ehsan served as a mentor and advisor for several students and scholars in their projects and studies.