Jing Xu

Jing Xu

Assistant Research Scientist, The Brain, Learning, Animation, and Movement (BLAM) Laboratory


Carnegie 210


Research Interests
  • Human motor skill learning and motor control
  • Brain repair and rehabilitation

Jing Xu received her PhD (2011) in Psychology at University of California, Berkeley. Her PhD work was done in the laboratories of Cognition and Action, directed by Prof. Richard B. Ivry, and Computational Cognitive Science, directed by Prof. Thomas Griffiths. Her research was focused on human learning and control of movement, and human categorization.

She joined Johns Hopkins University in 2011, and worked with Dr. John W. Krakauer as a post-doctoral fellow. She was the lead post-doc of a longitudinal, multi-center project aimed at uncovering the biomarkers of stroke patients’ motor recovery, using multiple advanced neuroscience and clinical assessment methods. Her research has established that the human hand strength and dexterity recovery after stroke are mediated by separate biological systems.

Xu joined the Malone Center as an Assistant Research Scientist in 2017. Her primary research interest is to understand how people learn a motor skill. She uses research tools such as behavioral experiments, fMRI, TMS, and computation modeling questions to answer important questions about cognitive-motor representations, learning and control principles, recovery mechanisms after brain injuries, and strategies to enhance motor skills.