Engineering innovations that improve healthcare

The Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare brings together engineers, clinicians, and care providers who are leveraging data analytics in novel ways, are pioneering new technologies, and are applying systems engineering principles to speed the deployment of research-based innovations that will enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency of health care.

Chien-Ming Huang and his student working on a humanoid robot prototype.

The Malone Center’s cross-disciplinary, clinician-engineer teams work on identifying ideas and translating them to innovation that improve efficiency and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment, reduce harm and adverse events, and promote patient and provider usability and satisfaction.


Algorithms for a Fairer World. Illustration of a person speaking into a laptop. The laptop displays a waveform and appears to generate a scale, a scribble, and a thumbs-up symbol.
June 14, 2024

Machine learning technologies hold the potential to revolutionize decision-making. But how can we ensure AI systems are free of bias?...... Read More

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