2019 Symposium


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The confluence of the increasing digitization of healthcare, rapid advances in machine learning, and the push for value-driven healthcare have focused attention on the potential for AI to transform healthcare,  similar to what we see in other information-driven elements of the economy. However, those in the practice of medicine know that the path to creating meaningful change at the bedside using AI technologies is far from simple.

The goal of this symposium is to bring together institutional leaders, researchers, and clinicians to catalyze a multi-disciplinary conversation on the true potential for AI in healthcare and what is necessary to bring AI technologies from “the bench to the bedside.” In doing so, we hope to gain perspectives from leaders from around the country and identify a roadmap for putting AI to work to improve the quality of care for patients and providers alike.

An AI Symposium in the Turner Auditorium.

Expert Panels

Hear from thought leaders from academia and industry during our panel discussions.

Symposium attendees watch a robotics demonstration.

Networking Reception

Catch up with peers, and build new connections in the healthcare engineering field.

An AI Symposium breakout session in a conference room.

Breakout Sessions

With breakout sessions, attendees have many opportunities to learn and collaborate throughout the symposium.


Opening Remarks 

Keynote: Maryellen Giger 

Session 1: Institutional Initiatives in AI 

Session 1: Technical Innovation in AI

Reports from Lunch Breakouts

Session 3: Bringing AI to the Bedside as a Commercial Venture

AI Startups: What is the Right Model?

Closing Remarks 


Maryellen Giger, PhD

Headshot of Maryellen Giger.

Bringing AI in Breast Cancer Imaging from the Bench to the Bedside”

Maryellen Giger, Ph.D. is the A.N. Pritzker Professor of Radiology  and Medical Physics at the University of Chicago.  She has been working, for multiple decades, on computer-aided diagnosis/machine learning/deep learning in medical imaging and cancer diagnosis/management.  Her AI research in breast cancer for risk assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic response has yielded various translated components, and she is using these “virtual biopsies” in imaging-genomics association studies.

Giger is a former president of AAPM and of SPIE; and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Medical Imaging.  She is a member of the NAE; Fellow of AAPM, AIMBE, SPIE, SBMR, IEEE, IAMBE; and was cofounder, equity holder, and scientific advisor of Quantitative Insights [now Qlarity Imaging], which produces QuantX, the first FDA-cleared, machine-learning driven CADx system.



Headshot of Greg Hager.

Greg Hager

Director, Johns Hopkins Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare

Headshot of Michael Miller.

Michael Miller

Bessie Darling Massey Professor and Director, Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering

Headshot of Dean Ed Schlesinger.

T.E. “Ed” Schlesinger

Benjamin T. Rome Dean, Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering

Headshot of Daniel Ford.

Daniel Ford

Vice Dean for Clinical Research, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Jeffrey Siewerdsen

John C. Malone Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Paul Yi

Paul Yi

Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Radiology and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RAIL)

Headshot of Scott Zeger.

Scott Zeger

John C. Malone Professor of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Headshot of Peter Chang.

Peter Chang

Assistant Professor-in-Residence and Co-Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine (CADIM), University of California, Irvine

Headshot of Anthony Costa.

Anthony Costa

Director of Sinai BioDesign and Chief Operating Officer for AISINAI, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Mark Dredze

Mark Dredze

John C. Malone Professor of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

Headshot of Alan Yuille.

Alan Yuille

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

Headshot of Woojin Kim.

Woojin Kim

Chief Medical Information Officer at the Healthcare Division of Nuance Communications

Headshot of David Sontag.

David Sontag

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

Headshot of Suchi Saria.

Suchi Saria

John C. Malone Professor of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

Headshot of Scott Levin.

Scott Levin

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Headshot of Leo Grady.

Leo Grady

CEO of Paige.AI

Dorin Comaniciu speaks into a handheld microphone.

Dorin Comaniciu

Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation at Siemens Healthcare

Headshot of Camille Vidal.

Camille Vidal

Director of Regulatory Affairs Strategy, Digital Health at GE Healthcare

Headshot of Phillip Phan.

Phillip Phan

Alonzo and Virginia Decker Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Headshot of Ferdinand Hui.

Ferdinand Hui

Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Radiology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RAIL)

Headshot of Edgar Simard.

Edgar Simard

Director of Real-World (Alternative) Data at Medtronic

Headshot of Vas Bailey.

Vas Bailey

Partner, ARTIS Ventures


Turner Auditorium
Johns Hopkins Hospital

720 Rutland Ave
Baltimore, MD 21205