Demonstration Projects Funding Program

Co-Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Data Science and AI Institute

The Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare and the Johns Hopkins Data Science and AI Institute are proud to announce the launch of the Demonstration Projects Funding Program, aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of data science and artificial intelligence tools in critical applications. This program is oriented towards translational efforts rather than fundamental research.

The funding program will support long-term demonstration projects on high-impact translational projects that bring researchers, engineers, and/or clinicians across the institution and potentially external partners together. The demonstration projects are expected to demonstrate the substantial gains that can be achieved by developing, implementing, and deploying data science or AI within a research program that is already externally funded. The program is expected to accelerate translation and lead to strong additional external funding, philanthropic support, and new partnerships.

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Strategic Initiatives

Identifying Mechanisms Responsible for Inequitable Health Outcomes for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed longstanding health inequities in United States; evidence is mounting that some ethnic groups are suffering far worse outcomes, including mortality, compared to others. Precise mechanisms driving these disparities are not currently well understood, and may include socioeconomic factors, prevalence of important comorbidities, or even other mechanisms such as differential adherence to government interventions.

In this proposed study, the team will leverage modern causal inference methodology to investigate mechanisms behind observed disparities associated with causal pathways mediated by by socioeconomic factors, biological factors, or differences in care. Their findings will be made available to the scientific and legislative communities as soon as possible to help guide continued research and political intervention to mitigate the causes of inequitable health outcomes in COVID-19.

This project is a continuation of work started at the center’s 2021 symposium, “Disparities and COVID-19: A Two Day Virtual Workshop on Data Science for Social Good.”

Research Team: