• Medical personnel is at risk of infection when interacting with COVID-19 patients during testing.
  • Testing requires use of large amount of PPE
  • FDA approved self-administering of test, but only on-site a testing facility


  • Automate drive-thru testing without exposing medical personnel
  • Safe delivery and collection of sample kits 
  • Monitoring with video camera


  • Collaboration involving  University of Maryland, LCSR, and CNH 
  • Created concepts
  • Currently designing prototypes


Johns Hopkins University
Bisi Bell, Iulian Iordachita, Jeremy Brown, Kevin Gilboy, Emad Boctor, Jin Kang, Axel Krieger​

University of Maryland
T. Fleiter, J. Ge, L. Al-Zogbi, H. Saeidi, A. Krieger​

Children’s National Hospital
Michael Hsieh