Resilience and Sustainability in PPE Supply Chain:

  • Gathering data on the supply chain and use of PPE before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Modeling and optimizing effective policies to build a robust PPE distribution
  • This work is a collaboration with NYULH

Resource Allocation and Patient Distribution:

  • Utilizing optimization and data analytics to find the best resources allocation (clinical staff, ventilators, PPE, etc.) among different hospitals. (The peak of the pandemic arrives/affects different locations differently).
  • Using data analytics to understand how COVID and non-COVID patients can be redistributed to treat both safely. This will also prepare the hospitals to re-open and treat non-COVID patients again.
  • This work is a collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital


Kimia Ghobadi, John C. Malone Professor of Civil and Systems Engineering

Cassandra Thiel,  Assistant Professor at New York University in the School of Medicine