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The Johns Hopkins Hospital at dusk

Clinicians use artificial intelligence to diagnose ear infections more accurately

OtoPhoto, the world’s first smart otoscope, takes images of the inner ear and uses machine learning to determine whether or not an infection exists.

PhD student Naresh Nandakumar wins Best Paper Award at MICCAI workshop

He won the "Best Paper Award" at the 3rd International Workshop on Machine Learning in Clinical Neuroimaging (MLCN 2020), held in conjunction with MICCAI 2020.

With a little help from AI

In a new course offered by computer scientist Mathias Unberath, engineering students design AI systems that integrate seamlessly into human lives.

AI Can Help Hospitals Triage COVID-19 Patients, CS’s Suchi Saria, IEEE Spectrum

As the coronavirus pandemic brings floods of people to hospital emergency rooms around the world, physicians are struggling to triage patients,...

Malone researchers publish socioeconomic dataset for predictive modeling of COVID-19

Mathias Unberath, assistant research professor in the Malone Center, and team have published an open-source, machine readable dataset related to socioeconomic...

Symposium attendees watch robot demo

Practical uses for artificial intelligence in healthcare

Research symposium at Johns Hopkins explores how clinicians can get the most out of advancements in digital health.