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Doctors gather around a patient's bed in the background. In the foreground, a monitor displaying the patient's vital signs.

AI Can Help Hospitals Triage COVID-19 Patients, CS’s Suchi Saria, IEEE Spectrum

As the coronavirus pandemic brings floods of people to hospital emergency rooms around the world, physicians are struggling to triage patients,...

Microscopic rendering of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Malone researchers publish socioeconomic dataset for predictive modeling of COVID-19

Mathias Unberath, assistant research professor in the Malone Center, and team have published an open-source, machine readable dataset related to socioeconomic...

Symposium attendees watch a robotics demonstration.

Practical uses for artificial intelligence in healthcare

Research symposium at Johns Hopkins explores how clinicians can get the most out of advancements in digital health.

Students pose with their final projects for Machine Learning: Deep Learning in Hackerman Hall.

Deep learning course prepares students for success in AI careers

Machine Learning: Deep Learning, taught by Mathias Unberath, introduces students to deep learning, a subdiscipline of AI in which a computer tries to discover meaningful patterns from data to make decisions.

A close-up of a wall of computer code.

Suchi Saria featured in WebMD video on artificial intelligence

In the video, Malone Professor Suchi Saria explains the basics of AI and why AI applications can be useful for healthcare providers.

Paul Yi and Haris Sair post with a woman.

Using AI to improve radiology with RAIL

Dr. Paul Yi and Dr. Haris Sair, co-directors of RAIL, explain how the lab uses innovations in machine and deep learning to advance the field of radiology and improve doctor’s caseload.