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A group of four young people stands around a computer. One wears glasses and has a black prosthetic arm.

Putting prosthetics research back in touch

Researchers urge the greater prosthesis engineering community to listen to end users' actual needs.

Mathias Unberath

Mathias Unberath receives NSF Early CAREER Award

The award recognizes his work on human-centered medical solutions embodied in emerging technologies.

Synthetic data for AI outperform real data in robot-assisted surgery

While artificial intelligence continues to transform healthcare, the tech has an Achilles heel: training AI systems to perform specific tasks requires...

Jeremy D. Brown wins NSF CAREER award

The five-year award will support his project titled “Improving Prosthesis Usability through Enhanced Touch Feedback and Intelligent Control."

Jeremy D. Brown named Sloan Research Fellow

Jeremy D. Brown is among 118 Sloan Research Fellows honored for their exceptional early-career science research.

Robot performs first laparoscopic surgery without human help

In four experiments on pig tissues, the robot excelled at suturing two ends of intestine—one of the most intricate and delicate tasks in abdominal surgery.