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Ready for duty: Health care robots get good prognosis for next pandemic

Robots helped hospitals confront the coronavirus pandemic. What lessons are engineers taking with them as they think about the next generation of health care robots?

Hopkins ventilator robot wins top prize at UK Robotics Week Challenge

A robotic system created by a team from Johns Hopkins University won the top prize in an international robotics challenge focused on developing solutions for the COVID-19 health crisis and future global pandemics.

Autonomous robots are coming to the operating room, The Wall Street Journal

Axel Krieger featured in The Wall Street Journal for new advances in robotic surgery.

Remote control for COVID-19 patient ventilators

A new robotic system designed by Johns Hopkins researchers may help hospitals preserve protective gear, limit staff exposure to COVID-19, and provide more time for clinical work.

Jeremy D. Brown wins two grants to investigate haptic perception in robotic applications

Grants from the NIH-funded Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Engineering Research Career Development Program (IREK12) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) will support Brown's research on haptic perception in robotic applications.

A robot tends to a COVID-19 patient in the intensive care unit of an Italian hospital

Meet humanity’s new ally in the coronavirus fight: Robots, CS’s Russ Taylor, Los Angeles Times

John C. Malone Professor Russell Taylor tells The L.A. Times that medical robots could be useful in intensive care units where risk of contamination is a major worry.