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Correlation graph

Course urges caution about causation

Malone Center graduate students teach Intersession course "Should Susan Smoke? An Introduction to Causal Inference," where each week students pore over case studies to sharpen their reasoning skills.

Students present final projects for Machine Learning: Deep Learning in Hackerman Hall

Deep learning course prepares students for success in AI careers

Machine Learning: Deep Learning, taught by Mathias Unberath, introduces students to deep learning, a subdiscipline of AI in which a computer tries to discover meaningful patterns from data to make decisions.

Surgineering illustration

Enter the Surgineer

Jeff Siewerdsen’s full-year course series, called Surgineering, aims to prepare graduate students to bring new engineering perspectives to the operating room.

Brain neurons

Neural Systems Analysis Laboratory papers accepted to major conferences

The papers were penned by five doctoral candidates – Ravi Shankar, Jeff Craley, Sayan Ghosal, Niharika Shimona D’Souza, and Naresh Nandakumar – and were accepted to two different conferences.

Sergio Machaca

PhD student Sergio Machaca awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

In the Haptics and Medical Robotics (HAMR) Laboratory led by Jeremy Brown, Machaca is investigating how haptic feedback can improve robotic surgery training.

Gopkika Ajaykumar

Gopika Ajaykumar: Giving robots a new perspective

Some people think that robots are merely villains in science fiction movies. In reality, robots play an increasingly important role in...