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CT scanner

Fighting COVID-19: Using ultraviolet light to decontaminate CT scanners

In an effort to streamline medical imaging workflow, researchers at Johns Hopkins are testing the use of UV light to disinfect CT scanners within a matter of minutes—an especially important goal amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johns Hopkins researchers solve imaging scan problems caused by metal implants

John C. Malone Professor Jeffrey Siewerdsen and team solve problem of distorted imaging scans that plague surgeons who need to use them to assess the placement of metal implants.

Lighting the Way to Safer Heart Procedures

In new study, Muyinatu Bell and team provide evidence that an alternative imaging technique could someday replace current methods that require potentially harmful radiation.

Paul Yi and Haris Sair

Using AI to improve radiology with RAIL

Dr. Paul Yi and Dr. Haris Sair, co-directors of RAIL, explain how the lab uses innovations in machine and deep learning to advance the field of radiology and improve doctor’s caseload.

Archana Venkataraman

Archana Venkataraman talks AI and the brain

Venkataraman was recently interviewed by the TWIML AI Podcast on her research into artificial intelligence (AI) and the brain.

Brain neurons

Neural Systems Analysis Laboratory papers accepted to major conferences

The papers were penned by five doctoral candidates – Ravi Shankar, Jeff Craley, Sayan Ghosal, Niharika Shimona D’Souza, and Naresh Nandakumar – and were accepted to two different conferences.