In 2020, 41 Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards were given to interdisciplinary faculty teams across eleven units of Johns Hopkins. From utilizing machine learning to optimize stroke critical care to tackling CO2 emissions to addressing food insecurity, these Discovery Awards are solving complex problems and expanding the horizons of knowledge.

Altogether, the winning project teams—chosen from 274 proposals—include 136 individuals representing 11 Johns Hopkins entities. Of the 41 awarded projects, 6 projects involve one or more faculty from the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare.

Emulating How Experts Think… Under Unknown Objectives and Constraints: Augmenting Machine Learning through Inverse Optimization to Automatically Generate Personalized Treatment Plans– *Kimia Ghobadi (Engineering), Tinglong Dai (Carey Business School), *Ilya Shpitser (Engineering) & *Todd McNutt (Medicine)

Evaluating and Overcoming Performance Biases Against Underrepresented Populations in Deep Learning for Diagnosis of Disease on Medical Images– *Paul Yi (Medicine), Jeremias Sulam (Engineering), *Ilya Shpitser (Engineering), Cheng Ting Lin (Medicine), *Tin Yan Alvin Liu (Medicine) & Elise Ng (Medicine)

Harnessing Machine Learning to Optimize Stroke Critical Care Resource Use– Roland Faigle (Medicine) & *Archana Venkataraman (Engineering)

Hiding in Plain Sight “Stigmatizing Language in Patients” Medical Records– Mary Catherine Beach (Medicine) & *Mark Dredze (Engineering)

Organoid Intelligence (O.I.) – towards Biological Computing– Thomas Hartung (Public Health), David Gracias (Engineering), Lena Smirnova (Public Health) & *Brian Caffo (Public Health)

Using Motor Imagery and Machine Learning-Based Real-Time fMRI Neurofeedback to Improve Motor Function in Cerebellar Ataxia– Cherie Marvel (Medicine), *Archana Venkataraman (Engineering) & Linda Rosenthal (Medicine)