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Researchers from University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, and the Robert Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices have developed a mobile testing booth that will give healthcare providers the ability to test patients for COVID-19 without risking their own health.

The effort is led by Axel Krieger, a mechanical engineering professor who will be joining Johns Hopkins University and the Malone Center effective July 1.

The science inside the booth helps keep the provider safe.

“The healthcare provider is inside the booth under a filter system with positive pressure so none of the aerosols can enter the booth,” Krieger said.

The prototype booth was deployed to the drive-thru testing site at Johns Hopkins Bayview and ten patients were tested for COVID 19. Krieger called the trial run a success.

“We swabbed the booth on the inside for virus before testing, and after and thankfully there were no traces of virus inside booth after testing,” Krieger said.

Each booth has a price tag of $3,000 and more are being made. Three will be sent to the city of Baltimore for use and Johns Hopkins will use two more. All five should be completed by the end of the month, Krieger said.