John C. Malone Assistant Professor of Computer Science Suchi Saria, Katharine Henry, Hossein Soleimani, Tony Wang, and Andong Zhan have received the Armstrong Award for Excellence in Quality and Safety. The award is presented annually to a physician or team who partners with patients, families, colleagues and staff members to optimize patient outcomes and eliminate preventable harm.

The team, along with clinicians Anirudh Sridharan, Robert Linton, and Jeanette Nazarian, was recognized for their work implementing TREWS at Howard County General Hospital. TREWS is a a targeted real-time early warning score that helps clinicians identify patients at risk for sepsis. The team compared signs and symptoms of patients who have sepsis with patients who don’t in order to improve identification and treatment of the devastating infection. As a result of this data, the hospital is seeing fewer readmissions, fewer sepsis patients being admitted to the ICU, and fewer patients who experience secondary organ failure.

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